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North Korea

Opening Windows: Pyongyang, North Korea, March 2013
Photos and notes from my trip to North Korea in March 2013 to conduct two seminars on Lean Production for a Women in Business workshop and on Inflation for Ministry of Finance officials. The workshops were organised by Choson Exchange, an NGO that aims to promote economic development in North Korea over the long-term through business and economic exchanges.

Through the looking glass: Arirang Games 2008
Blog posts on my first visit to North Korea in September 2008 as part of a guided tour to watch the Arirang Games.

Training to be soldiers, to fight for our land

Our land not somebody else's empire (April 2003)

Things they don't tell you but which are easy enough to figure out

Singapore NRIC Check Digit (Official Reference) algorithm
Singapore vehicle registration number algorithm at Ian Fuller's Vehicle License Plate Systems site
This link is dead but you can look for a copy at the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Try*/ or
this link for the Excel file containing the algorithm.

Why you don't want to give out your NRIC number too easily

Various attacks on NLB members' accounts (May 3,2000)
NLB's reply (May 12,2000)
Letter to NLB (December 22, 1998)
NLB's reply (January 29, 1999)
Making your own barcodes

Society and politics on the internet

Copyright, hyperlinks and political websites
Irene Ng, Singles Connect and political websites

Privacy/Electronic Road Pricing

Electronic Road Pricing in Singapore: Individual Privacy vs. Public Security
Review of Privacy in Singapore 2003 (Computer Times)


Sintercom commentary on Copyright (Amendment) Act 1999
Afternote: the US FTA amounted to one step forward five steps backwards as far as fair use or fair dealing in Singapore was concerned

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